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The Knights

Dino Stipičević

Animator / Artist
Sir Dino the Animator of the Rotten Knights. With his rotting body, he is tasked with bringing everything to life through the sorcery called Animation, hence the name The Animator. His vile sorcery will bring such horrors to life that even the most valiant knights will cover in fear.

Ivan Jakubi

Project Manager
Sir Ivan the Librarian of the Rotten Knights. The disintegrating library in which he resides is filled with books that hold every secret of this world. Every answer to a question that any man could ask can be found in the library. With those books he advises his fellow Knights on what their next step should be so that one day, they can achieve world domination.

Lara Šimičić

Dame Lara the Artisian of the Rotten Knights. Her corrupt mind is capable of bringing anything she and her Knights desire into reality through a horrid ritual which demands the sacrifice of a couple of pens. The abominations she created are said to have destroyed whole worlds just so that she can build them anew.

Pigeon Post